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City Temperature  
Jogeva 26°F / -4°C
Johvi 23°F / -5°C
Kardla 30°F / -1°C
Kihnu 30°F / -1°C
Kunda 30°F / -1°C
Kuressaare 30°F / -1°C
Kuusiku 30°F / -1°C
Narva 26°F / -4°C
Nigula 30°F / -1°C
Pakri 30°F / -1°C
Pjarnu 30°F / -1°C
Ristna 32°F / 0°C
Sorve 30°F / -1°C
Tallinn 30°F / -1°C
Tartu 26°F / -3°C
Tilrikoja 26°F / -4°C
Turi 30°F / -1°C
Valga 28°F / -2°C
Valke-maarja 30°F / -1°C
Viljandi 27°F / -3°C
Vilsandi 30°F / -1°C
Virtsu 30°F / -1°C
Voru 25°F / -4°C


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