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Weather Underground midday recap for Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cold temperatures continued to spread across the Eastern states on Saturday, while scattered showers persisted in the Northwest. A low pressure system that brought heavy rainfall to the Eastern states and snow to the Northwest has moved offshore and allowed for precipitation to diminish for the region. However, the back side of this system allowed for snow showers to persist for the Northeast from New York through Maine. Snowfall totals for the region ranged from 1 to 3 inches, with the heaviest snowfall reported at Lake Grove, New York with a midday total of 3.3 inches of snow.

Meanwhile to the south, a weak trough of low pressure brought a few scattered rain showers to the mid- and lower Mississippi River Valley, but significant rainfall was not reported. However, elsewhere across the Eastern states, freeze warning spread across the Tennessee Valley and into the mid-Atlantic states as cold air continued to pour in from the north. Early morning low temperatures dropped into the lower and mid-30s as far south as central Georgia and Alabama.

Out West, high pressure dominated the Southwest and kept moisture and precipitation away to the north. Another trough of low pressure moved eastward from the Pacific Northwest and into the northern Rockies which produced scattered showers for Idaho and Montana. Warm air associated with this system allowed for mostly rain showers to develop even at higher elevations and highest mountain passes. Strong winds accompanied this system with gusts over 50 mph. Thus, high wind advisories have been issued for the Intermountain West and northern Rockies.


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