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Statement as of 5:48 PM EDT on May 27, 2015

... NWS damage survey for 05/26/15 severe weather event...

.Overview... The National Weather Service in Peachtree City...
in conjunction with Harris and Meriwether County emergency
management... conducted ground surveys of storm damage from severe
thunderstorms that occurred late Tuesday /may 26/. Pockets of more
significant damage were seen in portions of Harris and Meriwether
counties. Damage was a result of both thunderstorm winds and a
tornado in two separate areas. Details of the storm damage are

.Warm Springs/Raleigh tornado...

Rating: EF-1
estimated peak wind: 90 mph
path length /statute/: 9.75 miles
path width /maximum/: 350 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: may 26 2015
start time: 3:41 PM EDT
start location: 2 miles west of Warm Springs
start lat/lon: 32.89205 / -84.71125

End date: may 26 2015
end time: 3:55 PM EDT
end location: 1.5 miles northwest of Woodbury
end lat/lon: 32.99517 / -84.60110

Survey summary:
a tornado briefly touched down within a cluster of severe
thunderstorms just west of Warm Springs /along Hwy 194/ in
southern Meriwether County. Much of the damage was to trees... either
snapped or uprooted as the tornado moved northeast before lifting
just northwest of the town of Woodbury. The worst of the damage
occurred between Roosevelt Highway and juke line Road where
numerous trees were snapped/twisted or uprooted. This is where the
determination of EF-1 rating happened with maximum winds of 90
mph. Due to the remoteness of this area and limited Road access...
it was difficult to survey spots between Roosevelt Highway and
Temple Dukes Road... but additional damage /trees down/ likely

Ef scale: the Enhanced Fujita scale classifies tornadoes into
the following categories.

EF0... weak... ... 65 to 85 mph
EF1... weak... ... 86 to 110 mph
EF2... strong... .111 to 135 mph
EF3... strong... .136 to 165 mph
EF4... violent... 166 to 200mph
EF5... violent... >200mph

.Thunderstorm wind damage in Harris County...

Peak wind: 90 mph /estimated/
path length /statute/: approx. 2.5 miles
path width /maximum/: 500 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: may 26 2015
start time: 3:24 PM EDT
start location: Fortson - near Harris/Muscogee County line
start lat/lon: 32.60761 / -84.93592

End date: may 26 2015
end time: 3:31 PM EDT
end location: 3 miles southwest of Cataula
end lat/lon: 32.63398 / -84.90856

Survey summary:
starting along Almond Road near the Harris/Muscogee County
line... a burst of thunderstorm winds resulted in several medium-
sized Pine trees snapped or uprooted. The Pocket of damaging winds
accelerated northeast... snapping and uprooting addtiional medium
to large trees in a concentrated area between Shenandoah drive and
Jones Road. Some structural damage was seen in this area -- a
large Camper was flipped on its side and a portion of a
plywood/sheet-metal roof was torn off. All the debris/damage was
blown down in mainly one direction - the primary direction of the
storms which was southwest to northeast. Additional trees were
blown down along the Grey smoke loop... just west of Hwy 27...
southwest of the town of Cataula.

the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS
storm data.

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