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Statement as of 6:00 am EST on November 30, 2015

... Today begins winter weather preparedness week...

The National Weather Service will observe the week of November 30
through December 4 2015 as winter weather prepardness week in the
State of Georgia. Each day this week we will discuss a different
aspect of winter weather. Today we will discuss the threats
associated with winter weather in Georgia.

Although the frequency of extreme winter weather events is
relatively small in Georgia... damage to life and property can still
result from winter weather. In the southeast winter weather is
generally in the form of ice storms... crop-killing freezes and
occasional snow.

Ice in the form of sleet and freezing rain can be a major headache
in the southeast. Freezing rain occurs when liquid precipitation
strikes a below freezing surface... freezing on contact. The ice can
form on the ground... trees... power lines... and roadways. Widespread
power outages can result from as little as a quarter inch of ice
accumulation. Sleet forms when a raindrop encounters freezing
temperatures above the earths surface... then freezes into an ice
pellet before reaching the ground. Even snow can melt and refreeze
on roadways... especially bridges and overpasses... resulting
in sheets of black ice.

Ice can pose transportation dangers as it covers roadways and
walkways. Drive slowly and defensively in icy conditions. Use
caution when using bridges and overpasses as they may ice over more
quickly than roadways. When encountering ice... it is safer to slowly
decelerate to stop rather than abruptly using your breaks... causing
your car to skid. More than 85 percent of ice storm deaths are
traffic related. Additionally... be cautious when using steps and
railings as injuries can result from slips on the ice.

Additional information on winter weather preparedness and National
Weather Service winter weather products can be obtained online at

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